About Us

Dealer & Distributor of Leading Domestic & International Brands of Fine Art Material, Drawing Material, Stationery, and Educational & Training Supplies

Our story began in 1957 when our founder Mr. Surajmal Jain decided to leave his hometown to pursue his childhood dream of creating and running his own business. Being a scholar with a strong affinity towards reading, writing and arts (Mr. S. M. Jain holds degrees of M.A. in Hindi, M.A. in Political Science and Ph.D in Jainism), he had a very clear picture of what he wanted to do – promoting education, arts & science by providing good quality stationery, educational & training supplies and art supplies at affordable prices.

And that’s how Mendwell Agencies® was born – a small outlet offering affordable stationery material, art material and educational & training supplies. Today, we’re one of the largest stationery shops in Central India with a portfolio of leading domestic & international brands and over 10,000 products.

Within a few years of running Mendwell Agencies®, Mr. S. M. Jain realized the growing demand of high-quality stationery, art supplies and educational supplies in India (difficult to avail at that time in this part of the country). Based on the feedback of a wide variety of clientele – artists, designers, engineers, architects, students and teachers, S. M. Jain worked with major domestic and international brands and not only began expanding the portfolio with a vision to satisfy everyone’s needs under a single roof, but also contributed towards market development for an array of products that would transform the stationery and art supplies industry in India.

The foundation laid by Mr. S. M. Jain during those years is the reason we humbly present ourselves as an ‘All-in-One Store for Art, Stationery, Education & Training Products’, blessed with the love and support of thousands of happy customers since 1957.

Currently, Mendwell Agencies®is led by Mrs. Pratibha Jain, daughter-in-law of Mr. S. M. Jain, while he continues to utilize his time doing what he loves the most – reading and writing. You can find some of his published work here. Mrs. Jain stood fast to the brand’s mission and expanded the brand portfolio while also building separate online and offline marketing channels.

Mendwell Agencies® is and will always be committed to providing the best-quality stationery, art supplies and educational supplies at the best rates. We’re on a mission to make your shopping experience affordable, amusing and acceptable, always.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote education, arts & science by providing highest-quality stationery, art supplies and educational & training supplies at affordable prices to hobbyists, students as well as professionals.

Our Values


For us means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


For us is an attitude that transforms the average into the best.


For us means saying what we do, and doing what we say, at all times.

Customer Obsession

For us means putting the customer before everything and everyone.

Our Team

Surajmal Jain


Pratibha Jain


Manoj Jain