Last Update: Jan 01, 2023

Thank you for visiting our website and online storefront. We hope you are happy with our products & services and want you to shop with 100% confidence. If you added wrong information (address, pin code, phone, contact etc.) in the order or added wrong items in your order by mistake, or want to place a new order for any reason, you may cancel the order and get a full refund. To deliver a hassle-free shopping experience, we follow the Processing, Shipping and Cancellation practices of the top e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart.

To know when and how can an order be canceled, and when and how do we process or ship your orders, please see below our detailed Shipping & Cancellation Policy.


Order processing is the process of generating the order manifest and using it for picking, packing & labeling the items as per the order details before they are handed over to the logistics partners for delivery. We follow very strict timelines and guidelines to keep the order processing time to a minimum, and ensure the smoothest & fastest delivery of our products.

  • All orders received by 1:00 PM on a working day (Monday to Saturday) will be generally processed by 6:00 PM on the same day, provided your payment is cleared by the payment gateway/payment intermediary. Orders received after 1:00 PM will be generally processed on the next day.
  • All orders received on a non-working day (Sundays and Holidays) will be generally processed by 1:00 PM on the next working day.
  • We will notify you via email (and update the ‘My Account’ section in your account) on when your order is processed.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the order processing time may exceed the above SLAs. In such events, we will try our best to process all pending orders at the earliest and will communicate to you about processing delays, if any.


Order shipping is the process of handing over all processed, packed and ready-to-ship orders to the logistics partners for delivery.

  • All orders processed by 3:00 PM on a working day (Monday to Saturday) will be generally shipped by 6:00 PM on the same day. Orders processed after 3:00 PM will be generally shipped on the next day.

  • We will notify you via email (and/or SMS) and update the ‘My Account section in your account on when your order is shipped.

  • Orders cannot be shipped to PO boxes, military addresses, rural domestic addresses, ODA locations or pin codes where our logistics partners do not have service.

  • Orders will be generally delivered to your destination between 3-10 days, depending upon the destination pin code. We will share a tracking reference with you via email (and/or SMS) and update the ‘My Account’ section of your account, through which you can track your shipment.

Order Delayed in Transit – In the event where the shipped items are delayed in transit, we will try our best to coordinate with our logistics partners to expedite the delivery. We do not hold any liability on account of shipping delays.

Order Lost in Transit – In the event where the shipped items are misplaced in transit, we will give our logistics partners a time period of 7 days and a chance to identify the missing parcel and ship it back to your address. If they fail to do so, we will process and ship a new order to your destination, at no extra cost. In such cases, you can intimate us if the first (misplaced) order is still attempted for delivery to your address.

Order Damaged in Transit – In the event where the shipped items are physically damaged in transit, we will offer you a full refund or free replacement. Please read our Returns & Refunds Policy for more details. In such cases, we request you to clearly mention ‘Received Damaged’ on the transporter’s ‘Proof of Delivery’ while signing it. This will help us in identifying the gaps in our supply-chain and improve the overall shopping experience on our platform.


Cancellation by User

  • You can cancel an order within 24 hours of confirming/placing it. To cancel an order, visit ‘My Account’ section in your account. If you are unable to cancel your order using the steps mentioned above, please write to us at

  • We will notify you via email (and/or SMS) and update the ‘My Account’ section in your account on when your order is cancelled.

  • We will refund the total amount after your order is successfully cancelled (after deduction of charges, if any, subject to other terms and conditions of this document). Please note that all cancelled orders are subject to a Fixed Cancellation Charge of 2.5% on total order value, on account of bank processing charges.

  • The refund amount will be credit reversed to the same bank account (or the same payment mode) which was used to make the payment while purchasing the product.

  • Since payment transactions involve the bank and the payment intermediary/payment gateway, the exact time for refund deposit to your account can not be committed. Generally, such transactions are executed in 3-7 days.

  • You cannot cancel a part of your order i.e. you can not add or remove items from your order after confirming/placing it. In case there is a need to modify the contents of an existing order, we recommend that you cancel the entire order and re-purchase the required items and quantities by placing a fresh order, to simplify the transaction.

  • You cannot cancel an order that has been shipped already. However, if you are sure that the ordered items won’t be of any use to you and would still want to cancel your order (after it is shipped and before it is delivered), you may write to us at In such cases, we will cancel your order, request the order to be reverse shipped from its current location, and charge you a Fixed Reverse Shipping Fee of INR 100 irrespective of the order value, over and above any other deductions mentioned above.

Cancellation by Scholar Art

It is our endeavour to deliver you a hassle-free shopping experience and we are committed to fulfilling all orders in the fastest time and the fastest way possible. However, there are certain cases where we may cancel an order. Our systems and people monitor each order as soon as we receive it and we reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason.

Your receipt of an electronic or any other form of communication regarding order confirmation does not, in any way, bound us to process or ship the order, and we may, if deemed fit, still choose to cancel/decline your order for any reason.

In such cases, we will refund you the total amount after your order is cancelled by us, without any cancellation or other charges. Refund processing times, as stated above, shall apply.


If you have any questions concerning our Shipping & Cancellation Policy, please contact us at:

Phone: +91-731-2532050